You are definitely ready to spice up your workout. Having second thoughts about buying a weighted vest after hearing some of the notions of the people around? You should read this first before deciding.

1. Weighted Vests Are for Everyone

Weight vests are definitely NOT for everyone. There might be available sizes for the majority of people but it doesn’t mean it is good for anyone who decides to wear it. Again, there are things to consider before buying vest. You should assess first your health status and goals before getting your own.

These vests can put additional stress on your body, especially on your cardiovascular system, the main reason why people work out. Vests are recommended for those who want more from their routines. Even if you exercise regularly, consulting a doctor before engaging on these workouts is recommended.

2. Weighted Vests Only Make Injuries Worse

Training involving weights is risky. Weighted vests are not made to make your injuries worse. If you only have existing injuries on your arm or hand, vests can still work well. Vests are usually worn by putting one on over your head and hanging over the shoulders. These can only worsen your injuries if you have problems on your shoulders or back.

Another thing that can also cause problems when using these weighted vests is when you buy one that isn’t suitable for your body type. If you get the size that is too large for you, it can possibly cause harm. Extra mass will interrupt the momentum while you exercise. That is why you should get a vest that is fitted for you.

3. Weighted Vests Can Deteriorate Cardio Health

Weight vests aren’t made to do damage to your cardiovascular health. Instead, these vests help improve your heart health. Working out while wearing a weighted vest can make your heart rate faster and enhance your heart and lung muscles stronger.

Moving around with additional weight on your body makes your heart pump blood extra harder than it usually does. Wearing one while exercising can consume lots of oxygen and make your heart work a little harder on distributing oxygenated blood to your body’s muscle group.

Weighted vests improve not only your cardiovascular system but your muscle strength, too. These two systems work together.

4. Weighted Vest Causes Poor Posture

A weighted vest DOESN’T cause poor posture; instead, it helps you improve your body’s balance and posture. Whenever you work out with a weighted vest on, your body continually calibrates to the increased weight that you aren’t used to. Through this, your muscles work hard on balancing your body and correcting your posture.

Aside from posture, your body’s balance is also improved if you run with a weighted vest on. Regular training while wearing it lessens the risk of stumbling. Your body starts to become more aware of posture and balance while using these vests. That’s why these vests are recommended especially for women who are in their menopausal stage.

5. Weighted Vests Damage the Musculoskeletal System

Added weights DON’T worsen your bones and muscles. Weights can cause you injuries if you carry weights that are not recommended for you. You should take note that the permissible weight for your vest should be just around 4-10 percent of your body’s weight. Exceeding this could pose some risks.

Wearing the recommended weight vests helps you improve your bone density. Your body also starts to grow some muscles to help support the added load, making you stronger. Through this, your body starts developing thicker and stronger bones.

6. Weighted Vests Are Bad for Running

Running while wearing a weighted vest can help increase health benefits but is risky IF you don’t follow the safety precautions. These vests are much safer than wearing ankle weights when running. Weight vests that are not fitted perfectly can make you fall because of poor balance.

These vests should be perfectly fitted so balance won’t be interfered with. Try lighter weights while walking and assess how your body responds to them. If side effects are not observed, you can level up by jogging and then running. You can eventually increase the weights to your vests for enhanced endurance.

7. Weighted Vests Can Be Worn All Day

Wearing weighted vests all day can cause you harm. Instead of improving your health, wearing it for the whole day can lead to bad posture, body pains and too much stress on your spine. The vests may have several benefits but overusing it can lead to poor health outcomes.

Wearing weighted vests should always be done according to what experts recommend. If you wear it beyond the recommended time of usage, you run the risk of suffering from adverse effects.

You’ll see the best results if you follow the precautions well. These weighted vests are designed for your body’s improvement but if not used properly, they may cause more harm than good. And always check the facts about these vests when buying one.