The simplest things are often the most useful. Take foam rollers, for example. They are very simple, tubular tools made of sturdy foam materials.

They are useful in releasing trigger points and muscle knots so you can get back to your workout with very minimal downtimes.

Foam rollers are also great for increasing flexibility and by activating more muscle groups. Here are a few foam roller workouts you’ve got to try to stay fit.

Shoulders and Sides

Lying on a foam roller with the gadget underneath your shoulders should help release the muscle knots.

This can also help improve muscle tension and minimise the occurrence of trigger points. Assume a sit-up position with your hands behind your head and the foam roller underneath your shoulders.

Tighten your glutes and abs and press your left shoulder onto the roller. At the same time, raise the right shoulder.

Roll towards the lower part of the rib cage before returning to the starting position. Do the same with the other side.


Almost everyone complains of low back pain. A large foam roller can help reduce the tightness of the muscles of the lower back. It can also strengthen them in the process.

Sit on the surface of the floor and position the foam roller behind the lower back. Place your hands behind your body to help maintain balance.

Tighten the muscles of the abdomen and bend your knees slowly. This will move the foam roller up your spine until it reaches the lower portion of the shoulder blades.


The muscles of the back are some of the largest groups of muscles in our body. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know how to activate these muscles.

Activating these muscle groups can improve your everyday activities. Sit on a foam roller. Place your left leg over the right knee.

Anchor your hands behind you and lean towards your left hip. Roll your left glutes over the foam roller in a slow manner. Do the same with the right glutes.


Runners and cyclists know the importance of the quadriceps muscles. Foam rolling can help reduce the level of stress that these muscles have on the knee cap.

This can also improve the mobility of the hips while reducing muscle tension in the upper legs. It’s great for reducing soreness after a workout or to improve joint mobility before a workout.

Lie down facing the floor. Position the roller underneath the hips. Lean on your left leg while supporting your weight with your hands.

Move the roller up to your left hip before moving down to your left knee. Repeat with the right leg.


After a long day at work, you may find it difficult to walk because of ankle stiffness. Foam rolling can reduce the muscle tension in the lower leg to promote better ankle movements.

Sit on a flat surface and place your legs straight in front of you. Support your weight with your hands behind you. Roll the entire length of the legs from the knees and straight to the ankles.

Foam rollers are simple exercise tools that can address muscle tightness and trigger points. They can also help you stay fitter. These simple exercises can help you achieve just that.

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