Massage guns promote effective recovery following rigorous workouts by facilitating better blood circulation and eliminating tension. It conveys vibration impulses all over muscles for fast recovery. The device was praised for those capabilities but many also wonder does massage gun help muscle growth? Find out more proper info by reading the rest of this post.

Massage Guns And Muscle Growth

Many health and fitness enthusiasts also wonder if massage guns can help the development of muscles. The fact is massage guns help in the development, not creation, of new muscles. It means the device will not directly create muscle but assist in the growth of new ones by enabling the muscles to take in more nutrients needed to develop them.

Massage guns are one of the most convenient fitness tools to use on stressed-out muscles. However, just because it’s designed for various muscle groups doesn’t mean it can also take part in building new muscle. Thus, before splurging on one, make sure that you know the facts on muscle building and massage guns first.

What Is The Effect Of Massage On Muscle Recovery?

Many of us schedule massage appointments following stressful days at work to clear our minds and get rid of built-up tension within the body. A massage after training also sounds like music to the ears of athletes and fitness buffs. Massages are not only a means of relaxation for individuals leading active lives; it is also a method to speed up muscle recovery.

So, how what are actually the effects of a good massage on muscle recovery? Here is what I have discovered through a study by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky from the McMaster University.

In the study, 11 men were requested to participate in rigorous exercise sessions. After workouts, the men were given a Swedish-style massage for 10 minutes on one leg while the other leg was left alone. Muscle tissue coming from both legs were in turn, sampled frequently before and after the physical activities. These are the findings of the researchers over the course of the study.

1. Massage was instrumental in inflammation reduction which was caused by the exercise sessions.

The results of the massage can be compared to the effects of certain traditional medications for pain and soreness.

2. Massage augmented mitochondria generation in the muscles.

The mitochondria are referred to as the powerhouse of cells. Whenever the muscle cells adjust to the strenuous exercise sessions, there is an increase in the level of mitochondria, thus at the cellular level, energy is produced significantly.

Now you have more reasons to love a massage. It is a procedure that is not only calming and relaxing, but it can help in easing muscle pain and soreness, plus it helps in muscle growth, too. While not all of us can afford weekly massage sessions, the massage gun is just as good as the real thing. You can use the device for all recovery types whether passive or active.

And if you have a little difficulty sleeping due to strenuous exercise, a massage gun might help. With better sleep, you can bet your muscles will be happier by all of the healing and priming they will get, thanks to improved blood flow.

Can Massage Guns Be Used To Grow Muscles?

Many fitness buffs and athletes made the investment already. People who even experience frequent muscle pains have also espoused the device for its stress and pain-relieving properties. There are also those who are interested in the device to see if it will help them get big muscles.

Thusly, let us go back to the question of the day – does massage gun help muscle growth? As mentioned previously, it does not create muscle but it does assist in the development of newer muscles by improving blood circulation.

Massage guns are known for their deep tissue massage capabilities. This process aids in making blood flow better – this means that improved blood circulation facilitates tissue cells to boost tissue metabolism.

Better blood flow also means the nutrient chain is steadier, allowing more of these nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Growing muscles take advantage of the abundance of nutrients and in turn, it helps them develop properly.

Why Is Recovery Important For Muscle Gain?

Recovery is essential for people leading very active lives like athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Recovery allows the body to fix and mend tissues that have been damaged from the rigours of exercise or training.

Those who want to build muscle badly need not be overly enthusiastic about routines since the body requires rest and recovery periods, too. Here are the top reasons why recovery is crucial for muscle development.

1. Recovery Makes For Well-healed Muscles

Intense exercise and training routines use up a good percentage of glycogen, also known as the energy stores of the body. The stress that the body is involved with during rigorous exercise sessions also leads to tired and fatigued muscle tissues.

With full recovery, those damaged muscles and depleted energy sources will be mended and replenished on time. Recovery enables cells called fibroblasts to repair damaged muscle tissues. Thus, the body is then again ready to get into the action, having replenished energy stores and healed damaged muscles.

2. Recovery Prevents Overtraining

Inadequate rest and recovery periods often lead athletes to experience a condition called ‘overtraining syndrome.’ Overtraining has many consequences, with dehydration and higher risks of injuries as its primary side effects. Overtraining is not only physically taxing, it is mentally draining as well.

What Are the Ways To Makes Muscle Recover?

Each and every one of us has different needs when it comes to workouts. The same thing can be said about recovery since there are factors that one needs to consider when setting up a rest and recovery schedule. These factors include exercise history, frequency of workout, the intensity of the workout, duration, as well as the current fitness level of the individual.

People who are new to workouts require more recovery periods or engage in passive recovery to give their body enough time to mend itself. The same can be said about fitness buffs who often undergo high-intensity exercise routines – they need a longer rest and recovery period due to the stress they put their body into during intense exercises.

It also is important to focus on your needs. Pay attention to how your body is reacting to the training or fitness regimen. You also need to take note of how you feel over the course of those activities.

Here are some recovery methods that you can try out following an exercise routine:

Stretches/Mobility Exercise

Stretching and mobility exercises should be done every day. To boost recovery, you can supplement this routine with massage gun use. Regular application of those exercises maintains proper tissue length plus it also improves joint mobility. Whether one leads a sedentary or active life, the individual will always benefit from daily stretches and mobility exercises.

Massage Gun

Placing stressed or fatigued muscles in the care of a massage gun is always a good move. Massage guns are effective when it comes to deep tissue massages since they can successfully eliminate kinks within muscle groups to relieve pain and soreness. Correct use of the device also facilitates better blood flow, which can accelerate recovery.

If you want to avoid injury and muscle soreness after a workout, it is better if you just spread weekly exercise sessions on specific days of the week instead of performing the regimen in just one day. For exercise beginners, go slow with your routines to avoid injury and allow your muscles to adapt appropriately.


Now that you know the answer to the question ‘does a massage gun help muscle growth?’ you can focus more on the restorative capabilities of the massage gun. It will not give you new muscles but it can help them develop by improving blood flow.

Furthermore, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts have adopted the idea of using a massage gun to speed up recovery times. Recovery is essential for muscle gain and if you want a bigger body, investing in the right massage gun might benefit your fitness goals.

1. How many rest days do my muscles need?

According to fitness experts, recovery times could last from a mere 2 days or 1-week max, depending on the kind of workout routine you perform. But it does not stop there because there are still several factors that you need to consider before setting up a recovery period. Factors that can affect recovery time include current fitness level, exercise or workout type, intensity and duration.

2. Can I use a massage gun to release my hip flexor?

People leading active lives are usually prone to hip flexor pain – the pain is felt around the hip or groin area, sometimes even both. Pain in those parts affect mobility thus people suffering from this condition might find walking or running difficult. One way to treat this condition is to use a massage gun on the affected area to ease pain and increase hip flexion and extension.