Plenty of people are becoming health-conscious and that’s truly good news! Not all of us though have the time to actually go to the gym or attend a professional health club but it’s a good thing we have readily available fitness equipment like the vibration machine to help us achieve our fitness goals.

Many of you are probably curious about how it rates compared to other fitness equipment – what are the vibration machine benefits that you can take advantage of then?

Neuromuscular training through a vibration machine has many fabulous payoffs, in fact. It makes general health better by improving muscle strength, blood circulation, weight loss, immune system, lymphatic drainage and bone density, among others.

All of its benefits will be covered in this post – so, keep reading to find out more!

The Positive Things That Vibration Machines Can Do For Your Health

The advantages of vibration machines have been discovered by several studies ranging from better bone density and improved weight loss. Let us further discuss what this specific equipment does to your general health.

1. Strengthens Muscles

Health benefits of a whole body vibration training and healthy diet

Whenever you stand, sit, or lie down on the vibration machine, the muscles begin to contract then loosen 30X per second. The body is forced to attain stability and with this, plenty of muscle fibres work out in every motion brought on by the machine.

This increases the efficiency of movements done on the plate. This means that any exercise you do on the plate requires double the energy compared to doing it on stationary surfaces. All that effort then leads to muscle growth and better muscle density.

A study shows that using vibration machines is effective for gaining muscle strength. This 2020 study published in the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, in fact, indicates that it highly benefits seniors. Gaining strength is crucial since it helps us accomplish more everyday activities.

2. Improves Blood Flow

Vibration machines make blood circulation better since it helps activate this specific movement of the blood. Vibration also furthers lymphatic drainage – fluid gets emptied from problematic spots and lets the blood flow without restrictions.

Proper blood circulation also minimises heart disease and diabetes risks since insulin is now metabolised better within the body due to regular vibrations.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

The use of whole-body vibration has shown that it can help minimise the hardening of the arteries according to several studies. One 2012 study analysed vibration training effects on blood pressure and arterial hardness of 10 overweight/obese young women.

The young women were requested to either go through 3 vibration training sessions for 6 weeks, participate in the traditional exercise group or join the controlled, non-exercising group.

Following 6 weeks of the study, the young women who went through whole-body vibration training displayed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure (lower blood pressure) compared to the controlled, non-exercising group.

4. Improves Bone Density

Bone mineral density is essential since it minimises fracture risks. To minimise bone loss, strength training is always recommended. Another option is to use a vibration machine. Vibration machines help in strengthening bone density by boosting bone formation and reducing bone absorption.

The vibration machine is also a good alternative for medicines that treat the prevention of osteoporosis, its improvement and management.

5. Improves Balance

Performing standard exercises facilitates the muscles to contract 1 to 2X per second. With vibration machines, the muscles contract at a higher rate – it undergoes 30 contractions per second.

Standing on the vibration plate engages the core and the hip flexors to help stabilise the body against released vibrations. This in turn forces the body to work harder, leading to stronger muscles, better posture and balance.

The body’s sense of balance is also affected as we get older. This is due to the loss of muscle strength and flexibility. This study signifies that the use of whole-body vibration helps seniors improve postural control.

6. Helps One Lose Body Weight

Regular use of a vibration machine with exercise and a balanced diet improves metabolism thus it also helps burn fat. The effects of whole-body vibration also reduce the stress hormone cortisol, the hormone that causes weight gain.

In this 2019 review, the vibration machine was analysed for its possible fat loss benefits. 280 participants were monitored during the study and the researchers discovered that the whole-body vibration method resulted in a noteworthy amount of fat loss.

However, it did not lead to substantial changes in body fat percentage, thus the researchers decided that the use of whole-body vibration for fat loss requires a broader, longer study.

7. Improves Flexibility And Coordination

Better flexibility and coordination belong to the list of vibration machine benefits. This is a gradual process though but with repeated, regular use of whole-body vibration, the muscles of the body get further engaged during a vibration machine workout once the body tries to gain back stability.

Flexibility is crucial since it reduces injury risks and it also helps improve athletic performance. Regular vibration machine use then leads to better flexibility, coordination, gait and posture.

A study published in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation reveals reasonable evidence for vibration machine usage to improve the flexibility of the hamstring. Another study also supports this finding – that vibration machines can help improve range of motion and flexibility.

8. Helps Progress Muscle And Injury Recovery

You may have noticed that after finishing an intense exercise routine, your feet feel even more painful and tender after 24 to 72 hours. This condition is referred to as DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS is brought on by tiny tears in the muscle tissues.

One option to treat this condition is the use of vibration machines. A study from 2014 analysed how vibrations can help minimise DOMS symptoms. The researchers discovered that the method may not only be helpful in tackling DOMS but can also prevent it from happening.

Vibration machines ease and prevent DOMS by improving muscle strength, boosting proprioceptive neuromuscular functions, and minimising pain and discomfort due to certain hormonal responses. Better fluid drainage is also achieved due to this hormonal response.

9. Improves Lymphatic Drainage

Whole-body vibration is also beneficial to lymphatic drainage. The lymphoid system gets stimulated by the high-frequency oscillations generated by the vibration machine. This leads to efficient removal of excess toxins thereby improving lymph node immune response.

10. Fortifies The Immune System

Exercise is a known method for strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system means you will be less vulnerable to colds and various diseases. Whole-body vibration makes immunity stronger by improving the microbiome.

Vibration machines boost macrophages that fight back inflammation plus as mentioned earlier, it also strengthens the lymphatic system, which is responsible for detoxifying the body. The removal of toxins translates to a healthier immune system.

11. Helps With Autoimmune Illnesses

Whole-body vibration has lately indicated that it can help ease symptoms caused by some autoimmune diseases. Vibration machines ease these symptoms by improving many organ and system functions all over the body from the immune down to lymphatic systems. It offers gentle exercise for people who have muscle or bone pain due to autoimmune disorders, too.

As mentioned previously, whole-body vibrations boost macrophage levels. Macrophages are immune cells that suppress inflammation. It also generates a high level of interleukin-10, which is an anti-inflammatory cytokine. This leads to a reduction in inflammation, a health condition that is linked to high autoimmune disease risks.

12. Reduces Cortisol Levels

Extended periods of stress lead to a higher level of cortisol, a stress hormone. An increase in cortisol production then forces the body to store plenty of fat specifically in the body’s abdominal area. This type of fat is called visceral fat which makes people more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

With regular use of vibration machines, the production of cortisol that makes the body store fat in the abdominal area is reduced while at the same time, facilitating muscle stimulation and increasing growth hormone production.

13. Convenient Workout Method

Think about it – using a vibration machine provides a full-body workout in as short as 15 minutes. The equipment works out the upper body, the core, and the lower body all at the same time to give you benefits like stronger muscles, a toned body, improved posture and balance and many more.

This is equipment that you can bring home. As soon as you’re home from work and have rested for a bit, you can simply hop onto the platform and do your thing. There are many exercises that suit the vibration machine, meant to accomplish your specific fitness goal.


Use the vibration machine correctly in order to achieve results. Combine it with choice exercises and clean, wholesome meals so you can reap vibration machine benefits. Adding standard exercises to it will keep you interested, motivated and focused on your goal.

1. What are the side effects of using a vibration machine?

The most common side effects of vibration machine use typically come from users who have pre-existing health conditions; they can be long-term, chronic ones or minor injuries. Getting advice from your doctor in case you have a health condition or are pregnant is encouraged before using a vibration machine.

2. How do I tone my stomach on a vibration plate?

If you want to tone your stomach using a vibration plate, make sure to perform exercises on it that will benefit your abs like crunches, pelvic tilts, trunk rotations and abdominal twists.