Vibration plate machines, when used properly, can do wonders to the body whether it’s for weight loss, bone density, muscle strengthening and improving balance.

The key to achieving your fitness goal is to know how long you should stand on the vibration plate. The important question in today’s post is this – how long on the vibration plate should users stay?

To answer this question, fitness experts suggest staying 15-30 minutes on the vibration plate to keep oneself fit and healthy. Follow the time and use the machine 3-4 times every week and the vibration plate can provide a good range of benefits that will boost your health.

Know more of the ways by which you can take full advantage of the fitness equipment by reading the rest of this post.

How Do Vibration Plate Machines Work To Keep Bodies Healthy?

Vibration plate machines are grouped into 3 common types – the tri-planar, the pivotal/oscillating type, and the elliptical. Here’s how each piece works to give exercisers the benefits of whole-body vibration.

1. Tri-Planar Vibration Machine

Tri-planar vibration plate machines produce spasmodic, up-and-down vertical motions. It can also steer through front-and-back directions.

With tri-planar vibration machines, muscles are worked out rigorously. The additional muscles that are engaged during the workout take on more calories and improve fat loss and muscle strength.

2. Pivotal/Oscillating Vibration Machine

Pivotal or oscillating vibration machines operate by tilting all over a central pivot point in the same manner as a see-saw would. The left and right sides of the platform move alternately up and down while the centre stays fixed at the same time.

Pivotal vibration machines help in draining waste buildup from the lymph nodes. It also helps improve bone density, blood circulation and balance.

3. Elliptical Vibration Machine

Elliptical vibration machines utilise a mechanism called the double-spindle to produce virtually spherical vibrating motions. This is a good vibration machine to use if you need to stretch constricted muscles.

This type of vibration piece also improves balance. The elliptical vibration plate is recommended for older folks as well to prevent osteoporosis.

strengthening muscles and upper body with a vibration machine

In order to accomplish your fat loss goal or other fitness goals using the vibration plate, you have to be consistent with the equipment. Furthermore, don’t rely on it alone – you still need to consume a healthy diet and perform exercises aside from incorporating it into your regular fitness routine.

When it comes to how long on the vibration plate users must remain, fitness experts recommend that they should stay on the plate 15 to 30 minutes every workout. Workouts must be done 3-4 times per week.

Taking on half-hour sessions 2-3 times a week provides a lot of benefits to the body. It will also encourage users to level up their fitness games.

This recommended time limit is sufficient for most users to fully appreciate the advantages of the vibration plate without causing harm to their health. Here are additional tips that you need to remember if you want to do whole-body vibration workouts right.

  1. If your goal is to lose weight, you can tackle 4 vibration plate sessions every week for a half-hour each.
  2. If your goal is to burn calories, split the sessions evenly all through the week. Do not increase the duration of every session since this can hamper your fitness routine’s quality.
  3. If your goal is to tone your body, you can tackle 2 vibration plate sessions every week.
  4. If your goal is to improve balance, make sure to spread your weekly fitness routine into 3 vibration plate sessions.

Using A Vibration Plate For Weight Loss: The Right Way To Do It

Spending up to half an hour on the plate 3 to 4 times a week benefits the body in many ways, one of them being weight loss. But it cannot be stressed enough that you still have to use the equipment correctly and you still need to take in a healthy, balanced diet and do proper exercises in order to maximise weight loss benefits.

Frequent use of a vibration plate every week improves muscle tissue anabolism which in turn leads to a strengthened torso and less belly fat. Using pivotal vibration machines is recommended if you want to burn calories and lose excess weight.

You can program the vibration plate to more intense workouts and vibrations to further engage muscles in the core, abdominals, back, hips, buttocks and legs. More tips on how to use the equipment properly for weight loss are as follows:

  • If you want to reduce fat tissue in a particular part of your body, like for instance the belly, you can lie down on your stomach and change the frequency as needed.
  • If you want to lose total body weight, you must stand on the vibration plate and allow high-frequency pivoting motions to accomplish this goal.
  • If you want a more rapid way to lose excess weight, you can supplement your vibration plate workout with a handful of exercises like push-ups, squats or planks.

Exercises To Go: Work Out With Vibration Plate Machines For Weight Loss

Now that you are more informed about the right ways to take advantage of the vibration plate for weight loss, it’s time to discuss exercises that will maximise your goal. Here are some exercises that you can safely do on most vibration plates.

1. Split Squat

This might be a challenge for you at the beginning since there are no standing squats. But with some practice, you can perform this one flawlessly – just think of the quick benefits this exercise delivers.

To do this, you need to place the ball of the right foot on the plate while positioning the left foot on the floor. Put the right foot behind a little for a more stable position. Next, you have to put the feet a shoulder’s width apart. Concentrate on the knee then bend it to do the squat. Do this until the right foot arrives at a 90-degree stance.

2. Isometric Squat

With isometric squats, you have to place both of your feet on the platform. Stand on the plate and allow your knees to bend till the thighs are parallel to the surface. Keep this position on for up to 30 seconds. Stand up again and repeat the step following a short rest. You may experience a burn in the thighs but continue with this exercise if your goal is to build up muscle and lose weight.

3. Push-up

Doing push-ups on a vibration plate means you have to place your hands on the platform with the chest pointing towards the floor. Next, you have to extend your legs then lie down, keeping the heels, feet, hands, hips and shoulders in line as much as you possibly can. This is an excellent vibration plate exercise as well for reducing back pain and improving blood flow.

This fitness equipment, in general, is quite safe. Vibration plate machines can be utilised by all people – both healthy ones and specific individuals who have chronic injuries or conditions if whole-body vibration was advised to them by a health professional.

Using the appropriate intensity and frequency works out the majority of muscle fibres through regular contractions and relaxations by reflex, as generated by vibrations from the machine.

Furthermore, vibration plates greatly benefit healthy senior folks who want to stop osteoporosis symptoms. Elliptical vibration machines are ideal for this goal – health experts recommend elliptical vibration plates at low frequencies and usage of 5 minutes every session, 2 times a week to stop the onset of the condition.

If you want to be sure that your present health status is safe for whole-body vibration workouts, get advice from your doctor first. For people who are wary of its effects, speaking to your doctor about it is always the smart thing to do. If you don’t have any health conditions, go ahead and take advantage of its functions.


Fifteen to thirty minutes is the answer to how long on the vibration plate one should remain in order to get the equipment’s health benefits. Use the machine with several choice exercises that suit your fitness goal and consume a balanced, healthy diet in order to maximise your workouts and turn them into success. Remember to be consistent and keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal.

1. Do vibration plates work if you just stand on them?

Whether you stand, sit or lie down on the device, it will still work out your body. The vibrations and their frequency and intensity are there to activate your muscles, engage themselves and work out thoroughly regardless of your position. Using a vibration machine is just as effective as performing regular exercise routines.

2. How many calories does 10 minutes on a vibration plate burn?

Vibration plate machines are excellent in lots of ways – they are great for losing fat, losing weight, toning, strengthening and building muscle. Whenever you are using this equipment, you can burn 49 calories in 5 minutes and 98 calories in 10 minutes. For better results, remember to pair vibration plate machine use with a balanced diet and suitable exercises for your fitness goal.