There are many benefits to incorporating the use of weighted vest into your fitness routine. This wearable workout tool was designed to help develop cardiovascular strength, speed, endurance, and explosiveness. But did you know that wearing a fitness vest can simplify your workouts, too?

The use of weighted vests during workouts can save you time while ensuring you reap the same excellent results. If you lead a hectic schedule but still want to make the most of what little time you have for workouts, wearing a weighted vest is the best way to go.

It can replace a host of workout routines, so you can go about your day confident in knowing you’ll receive the same benefits in half the time.

1. Strength Training Exercises

If you have postural problems, spine issues, or a recent injury, lifting heavy weights is a no-no. But if you want to add resistance to your workouts, wearing a light weighted vest is the best way to go. You can replace intensive lifting routines by wearing a weighted vest performing weight bearing exercises instead.

Ideally, start with a weighted vest that weights 10% or less than your total body weight. The goal is to protect your spine and reduce chances of further injuries. You can go as light as 5 lbs or 2.26 kg and increase it over time upon the recommendation of your doctor.

Wearing the weights instead of lifting them via the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells will reduce outside resistance which reduces your risk of injury.

2. Sprints

Unless you’re a competitive sprint athlete, it’s not necessary to include sprinting routines into your workouts. Sprinting is an excellent regimen to increase your speed. But without expert guidance, you may end up with serious injuries.

If you want to develop your speed and explosiveness, you may want to try wearing a weighted vest while jogging or running instead. The added weight adds just the right amount of strain, which in turn pushes the body to work harder while you jog or run. Over time, you will notice that your speed has increased while running, with the added explosiveness to boot.

3. Outdoor Hikes

Many people prefer to hike as a means of improving their fitness level. However, during hot weather it’s always best to take your workouts at home or at a gym. If you want the same intensity that hiking brings to your workouts, wear a weighted vest instead.

If you have a stair stepper at the gym, this can simulate hiking in some ways. The added weight on your upper torso will be the challenge that your bodies need to build not only your upper body but lower body, too.

Using a stair stepping machine is a gentle approach to building your calves and glute regions. You can definitely add more definition and strength to your lower torso simply by donning a weighted vest during cardio workouts at the gym.

4. Plyometrics

Plyometrics is a great way to burn calories and tone muscles. It’s being used to boost stamina and speed up metabolism, too. Although it’s a great exercise regime, individuals that have no prior experience to fitness or sports may find plyometrics too intense. You may also suffer from injuries when you implement plyometrics with bad form or poor posture.

If you want the same results but with less explosiveness, you can wear a vest for training instead. You can wear a weighted vest doing simple exercises such as burpees and skaters.

You can avoid more complicated plyometric movements with a weighted vest on to reduce the risk of injury and ensure that you can sustain an increased heart rate throughout the entire workout. Simple workouts will burn the same number of calories as explosive plyometric movements resulting in weight loss and muscle gain.

5. Sit ups

The sit up is a tried and tested workout routine that will help you lose all the belly fat and define the midsection. However effective, this can cause great discomfort and pain as well. The good news is that you can use a weighted vest for simpler ab workouts to develop six pack abs.

Instead of sit ups, you can try Russian twists, V holds, and planks with a weighted vest on. These ab workouts activate the same muscle groups but with less discomfort.

Most people use kettlebells and dumbbells to intensify these workout routines but wearing the added weight by using a weighted vest is more comfortable and promote proper form as well.

6. Chest Workouts

If you are working out alone and have nobody around to assist you in hitting the bench, you may opt to wear a weighted vest to ensure a safe workout, too. Chest workout routines such as push-ups and floor presses are excellent means to develop the form and function of your midsection.

Wearing a weighted vest will be beneficial in that you add intensity and resistance to your workout without having to use a single equipment.